Vajra Dance weekend in Riga

Latvian Dzogchen community Padmaling is happy to announce

Vajra Dance weekend in Riga,

8th-9th of December, 2012

on occasion of the birthday of Rinpoche

with VD instructors

Alar Kukk (Estonia) and Algimantas Lukosevicius (Lithuania)


In the Dzogchen Teaching sound and movement are very important because they are the means to integrate oneself into the state of contemplation. The Vajra Dance is principally a practice to harmonize the energy of the individual. If one has a more profound knowledge of the meaning of the Dance, it becomes a method for integrating the three existences of body, voice and mind into the knowledge of the state of contemplation. This integration is one of the most important aims of a Dzogchen practitioner.

The Vajra Dance is practiced on a Mandala which represents the correspondence between the internal dimension of the individual and the outer dimension of the world.

Irregular (Special) form of the Dance of 3 Vajras represents the aspect of the total union of Pawo with the all-pervading nature of the Great Mother.



Participants should have Guru Yoga transmission from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. It is recommended to have some knowledge of the Vajra Dance, at least that of the Dance of 3 Vajras.

Please, bring with you Vajra Dance costume, if you have one. 8th of December – the birthday of Rinpoche – is one of the days we wear these precious costumes.

We are going to dance on 2 Mandalas, so there will be a great chance to practise full time.



Vajra Dances – at Jugla secondary school, new building (Juglas, 27a)

Ganapuja – in the gompa of Padmaling (Gertrudes, 5a, 2nd floor)



8th December

10:00-10:30 arrival, registration
10:30-13:00 revising session of Vajra Dances
13:00-14:00 lunch
14:00-17:30 session of Vajra Dances, including Irregular form of the Dance of 3 Vajras
18:00 leaving for Ganapuja


9th December

10:00-13:00   session of Vajra Dances
13:30-14:30   short Ganapuja with the Vajra Dance of Song of Vajra
15:00-16:00   extra session of the Dance (on the demand of participants)



10 EUR/ 7 LVL (total per both days)

For any questions regarding payments, please, contact Gala (mobile +371 )



1) if you are looking for a hotel, we are ready to arrange your booking. Preliminary price  30EUR/per double room/per night (without breakfast,self-catering kitchen available). Please, contact Liga (

2) some people would stay at local practitioner place, free of charge.Please, contact Denis (mobile +371 )



One can reach event place from the center of Riga by public transport in 30-50 minutes.

If you enter public transport, payments are accepted in LVL only (0,70LVL in the bus, or 0,50LVL in the route-taxi). However, you can buy e-ticket (choose yellow one) in press trade outlets before your trip.

Find routes on the map by choosing number from dropdown list ‘Sabiedr. transports’ here:

*bus No.40 (from the central railway station till the stop ‘Kveles iela’)

*bus No.14 (from the central railway station till the stop ‘Inernatskola)

*route-taxi No.206 (from the bus-station till the stop ‘Kveles iela’)

If you come from Riga Airport, you can reach the railway station or the bus-station in 30min by the bus No.22. There you have to change to one of above-mentioned buses.



In case of any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact Liga Zarina:

mobile +371 28376622

Skype: liga.via


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