Vajra Dance beginners course in Kundusling (Barcelona, Spain)

Vajra Dance beginners course in Kundusling (Barcelona, Spain)
for those who already received transmission of Dzogchen from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

with Yolanda Ferrandiz, authorized instructor

Part ONE: two week-ends in JUNE
from 14th to 16th June, 2013
from 21st to 23rd June, 2013

Part TWO: three week-ends in JULY
(to take this course you must have completed Part One)
from 12th to 14th July, 2013
from 19th to 21st July, 2013
from 26th to 28th July, 2013

In the Dzogchen Teaching sound and movement are very important because they
are the means to integrate oneself into the state of contemplation. If one
has a more profound knowledge of the meaning of the Dance, it becomes a
method for integrating the three existences of body, voice and mind into the
knowledge of the state of contemplation. This integration is one of the most
important aims of a Dzogchen practitioner.

This course is suitable for beginners and for those wishing to refresh their
knowledge of the Song of Vajra Dance

Registration deadline 31st of May

PRICE for members of Dzogchen Community
Part One: reduced 50 €, ordinary 80 €, sustaining 20 €. Part Two: reduced 75
€, ordinary 120 €, sustaining 30 €.
Registration Olaya Martinez:

PLACE: Kundusling, Passatge de la Pau nº 10bis 3º 2ª (Barcelona). Tel: 0034
93 3043578.
Information Laura Aguilera:

The course will begin on Friday at 19:00 and will end on Sunday at 19:30


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