Tsegyalgar East – Fun & Fundraising Party

Auction Items Requested

On Saturday evening, June 8th, during Rinpoche’s retreat “Khordas Rangdrol” from the Dra Thalgyur, Tsegyalgar East will host a night of fun and fundraising for the development of Upper Khandroling.

The festivities will include FREE FOOD & DRINKS, a Live Auction with a limited number of interesting items, and Tibetan Singing and Dancing

We are seeking items for the Auction. This year we will have a very short Live Auction with items in a broad range of prices. If you have an item to donate for the auction please contact Stephanie Scott, Auction Coordinator at: stephaniescott108@comcast.net

Please include a description of the item and its estimated value and, if possible, a photo of the item. Items should be delivered in advance to the Secretary at the Conway Schoolhouse or delivered on the first day of the retreat. A table will be set up near the Retreat Registration tables to receive your Auction donations.

We will also be announcing two exciting Matching Grants for the Improvement of Upper Khandroling for which we’ll be seeking matching pledges.



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