Transition of responsibility for services from SSI to the Int. Dz. Community

As part of the reorganization of the Dzogchen Community and of Shang Shung Institute, it has been the intention to pass over responsibility for services relating to the IDC so that Shang Shung Institute is free to focus on its core purpose of working for the continuation of Tibetan Culture in all its aspects.

The transition of responsibility for some key services is being brought forward to Jan 1st 2014.

From that time, the Gakyil of the International Dzogchen Community will take on responsibility for

·the Mirror

·the Webcast

·and the coordination of SMS exams and trainings, for Instructors as well as for other students.

Contributions from the Gars for these services, which have previously been paid to SSI, will now need to be paid to the IDC account – further details will be sent to the Gakyils of Gars and Lings.

The Mirror:

A committee has been set up under the Blue International Gakyil umbrella.

It was hoped that it might be possible to continue publication in the usual format, at least through this transition period. However it has become clear that the paper publication of the Mirror is not financially sustainable at the moment, and Rinpoche has approved a provisional move to online only.

The committee has passed on its criteria for a blog style publication to the IG Red Management Services Committee to investigate solutions. This would retain all essential features, should have possibility to print some or all for personal use, and with multi language options. There would still be costs and these would need to be met by the Gars as before ; but the online publication would be open and free to all. An open letter from the Mirror follows

The Webcast:

No change is currently planned in the existing system, except perhaps to change the branding on the webpage from SSI to IDC.

IDC will need to take over login and password support and this will be announced as it happens.

Santi Maha Sangha:

Details will be announced as they become available. Check our website, <> for updates

December 1, 2013

Dear Friends at the Gars and Lings,

We would like to send you some important information about The Mirror for the coming year. Firstly, with the New Year, The Mirror will be moving from the ‘umbrella’ of Shang Shung Institute to the ‘umbrella’ of the International Dzogchen Community and the IG, which will bring about a few changes.

Our online website – – will become an online journal in a blog style format, where we will continue to do our best to bring you the most recent news from our global Community, keep you updated on Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s latest schedule and publish feature articles, videos and photos from our worldwide sangha. Other new features we intend to incorporate in the online journal include the possibility to print out material and readers will no longer need to login to access articles. We are planning to present the new online Mirror in late January after the last issue of 2013, no.125, has been published.

At the same time, the changes will also mean that there will be an interim period during which we will not be publishing the paper version of the newspaper due, unfortunately, to being unable to sustain its cost. If circumstances permit and there is sufficient interest, we may try to produce one or two print-on-demand issues in the coming year.

The new online Mirror will be open to all members of the Dzogchen Community and the general public since there will be no login required. This will mean that we no longer require membership information from the Gars and Lings in order to give access to current members.

So that is The Mirror’s big news for 2014. We so appreciate each Gar and Ling’s ongoing and consistent support and generosity on many levels that has helped us to keep going.

We are looking forward to a new and exciting online Mirror that has functionality for everyone who would like to read it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please write us:

Naomi Zeitz

Liz Granger

Warm wishes and holiday greetings,

The Mirror Staff and the IG


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