The Yogic of Prana related to Indivisibility of Clarity and Emptiness taught by Elio Guarisco

Longsal Saltong Tsalung with Elio Guarisco
21. – 25.6.2013, Phendeling, Czech Republic



21. – 25.6..2013

Where: Phendeling, Czech Republic

Friday 21.6.2013

10:00 The Tsalung practice; Explanation of the prana: karmic pranas and wisdom prana.

15:00 Elemental imbalances that obstruct clarity and the way to balance them.

18:00 Ganapuja of Mandarava


Saturday 22.6.2013

06:00 Massage with oil and beer to activate channels. Relaxation to allow activation of channels and energy.

10:00 Relaxation to allow activation of the Energies Training in the four applications of prana

15:00 Relaxation to allow activation of channels and Energy. Training in the four applications of Prana. 18:00 Ganapuja of Mandarava


Sunday 23.6.2013

06:00 Practice of Inner Heat (tummo) the melting bliss; practice of the indivisibility of bliss and clarity.

10:00 Practice of Inner Heat

15:00 Training in relation to the shape of the prana.

18:00 Ganapuja of Mandarava


Monday 24.6.2013

06:00 Training in relation to the movement of prana.

10:00 Training in relation to the color of the prana.

15:00 Training in Kumbhaka according to teaching of Garab Dorje.

18:00 Ganapuja of Mandarava

Tuesday 25.6.2013 06:00 Training in relation to the counting of the breaths. 10:00 Second session

There can be some small changes in the programme!

If you need an accomodation and you are OK with sleep in sleeping bag on the floor, you can use Phendeling´s gonpa. Take your sleeping bag and mat! The price for one night is 4EUR.
The price of retreat:
is – 70EUR for reduced, 83EUR for ordinary and 28EUR for sustaining members.
You can pay in EURO. Contact person: Dana Hauerova – +42 736 286 486; Magdalena Ourecka – +42 603 920 967; Jirina Vlckova – +42 608 912 704
more info here

This Retreat is taught by Elio Guarisco (authorised 2nd level Santi Maha Sangha Instructor) and is open to all who have received Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.
The Yogic of Prana related to Indivisibility of Clarity and Emptiness is the first teaching transmitted by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu from the precious cycle of The Vast Expanse of Luminous Clarity – Heart Essence of the Dakinis. This teaching is a set of practices applied in order to discover one’s natural condition through the experiences of clarity and emptiness. Closely connected to the practice of Yantra and Dzogchen Longde, these Teachings help one to recognize the characteristics of one’s own body and mind that can create obstacles for spiritual practice, and also provide ways to balance and overcome them. These instructions teach one how to become sensitive to the energy winds and channels and to activate their potential, through relaxation and the application of oils etc. With this base, one is able to train in “inner heat” with the shape, colour and movement of energy winds and in the retention of the breath (Kumbhaka). One then experiences the relative signs and dispels obstacles from harsh experiences related to the elements.



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