Dear vajra family,
It’s a pleasure  to Tashigar Norte, Tashigar Sur and Dzamling Gar  to invite you to participate in the Opening of Exposition/Auction THE WHEEL OF JOY! Half of the collect money will go to the house N°5 of Dzamling Gar.
In this blog, you can bid on your favorite painting. Remember that the auction is from 14 September to Monday 21 September.
Here is a tutorial about how to participate:
Don’t loose the opportunity to take one of our marvellous paintings with you and, at the same time, to participate in this extraordinary effort of collaboration between three Gars!
We are waiting for you!
Gakyil de Tashigar Norte
Asoc. Civil Nuevo Tashigar del Norte
(t) 0058-2952580332
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