The 30th Anniversary of Shang Shung Publications and a free e-book

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shang Shung Publications we’re pleased to offer our steadfast readers the texts of five of the one hundred and eight songs that Chögyal Namkhai Norbu recently selected to demonstrate the vitality and importance of the Tibetan culture and people.

This booklet can be downloaded for free from the webshop of Shang Shung Publications:

Shang Shung Publications, founded by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1983 and current publisher of the International Shang Shung Institute for Tibetan Studies, has dedicated itself these years to the diffusion of the Dzogchen teaching transmitted by the Master, as well as of works of history, literature, medicine, and astrology concerning the traditional sciences of Tibetan culture, written by the Master himself and by other qualified authors.

Multimedia works produced in these thirty years amounted to four hundred titles related to the practice of the Dzogchen teaching reserved for interested students, seventy books for the general public, fifty video and forty audio products, some also in the form of ebooks and digital items downloadable from internet.

All these works, originally published in English and Italian, have been translated into twenty major languages, totaling nearly eight hundred translations supervised and authorized by the auditors of the International Publications Committee linked to the publishing house. This large publishing enterprise, based on the work and tireless leadership of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, was made possible thanks to the commitment of a staff of specialists including translators from Tibetan and other languages, editors, graphic artists, administrators, and so on, as well as the collaboration of hundreds of volunteers who have offered their work gratuitously at all stages of production, from the transcription of the teachings to the printing of the completed works. Finally, the contribution of thousands of donors who generously provided financial support, either spontaneously or in response to requests of Shang Shung, was vital. In particular, we note the important support of the Project Complete Works of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and the Kater Project, managed by the Shang Shung Institute of Austria, which continue to raise funds for the payment of the translators from Tibetan and for the training of qualified translators.

To the Master, and to all the collaborators who have helped to disseminate his words, we express our heartfelt thanks.

Shang Shung Publications Team

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