Tashigar Sur complete schedule

tashigarTashigar Sur Schedule

February 19-23th:
Dance of the Three Vajras also irregular form,
with Adrián Mascherpa
Open course
US 80. With membership disccount.
March 1-3th:  
Yantra Yoga Course (Third, forth and fifth series) with Carolina Mingolla
US 60. With memberships disccount
March 8 to 10th: 
Vajra Dance of the Liberation of Six Spaces of Samantabhadra with Nelida Saporiti
Open course
US 80. with membership disccount
March 15-19th: 
Course on deepening the Vajra Dance of the first level. With Nelida Saporiti.
For those who already have a good knowledge of the Dance of the Liberation of Six Lokas and Three Vajras, at least Pamo or Pawo.
 US 130. With membership disscounts
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