SMS1 level in Kunkyabling, Prague

SMS1 level retreat with Igor Berkhin in Kunkyabling, Prague 7. 5. – 10. 5. 2015

The essence of view and meditation: discriminating subtle differences between vehicles.

Sometimes when we read explanations of the view or practical instructions we cannot see much difference between vehicles. It is very easy to confuse atiyoga with non-gradual sutra or with mahayoga etc. In this retreat we concentrate on essential characteristics of different vehicles to be able to clearly understand their respective principles.

Preliminary programm:

7. 5. 2015 19. 00 Public talk Prague, Buddhism without religion, place TBA

8. 5. – 10. 5. 2015 SMS I level retreat in Kunkyabling.

Opletalova 35, Prague 1

10:00-13:00 and 16:00-18:30

11. 5. 18. 00 Public talk in Pilsen, place TBA, The Three paths of liberation: sutra, tantra, dzogchen.

Registration coming soon.

Besides Igor, there will be many smart people coming, so please be welcomed to join them 🙂

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