Dear Vajra Family,

We are glad to introduce a new collective global practice coordinated by ‘Practicing Together’:  we will do together Shitro practice at the time of passing of our brothers and sisters of the Vajra.

In the Dzogchen Community we apply this method according to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s transmission to manifest the power to support in the bardo our friends and relatives with which we have a spiritual relationship.

You can follow further instructions in the text ‘Teachings on Shitro and Yangti” by Shang Shung Editions.

We will practice together on the third or seventh day or according to circumstances on the most auspicious day. Subsequent practices can be done individually for seven weeks.

We will set a date and time with the members of the local Community and we will inform the International Community with the intention to do a global Shitro practice dedicated to the dead practitioner.

Please contact  when the time occur to inform us and to coordinate.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Practicing Together Team

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