Seminario yantra yoga

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At Zhenphenling, Roma

Saturday 16th – sunday 167th march 2013 – 10-12,30 a.m. – 3 – 5,30 p.m.

seminar on the first level of Yantra Yoga

– nine breathings

– Tsigjiong

– Lungsang

– Tzandul

– First and second series of yantra and related pranayamas

– Vajra Wave

The seminar is lead by Laura Graci and Fulvio Grosso, supervised by Laura  Evangelisti

It is reserved to practitioners who received Transmission from Choegyal

Namkhai Norbu

only for saturday, can also participate people who know at least the

preliminary of Yantra, even if they do not have Transmission

fee: 20 euro with no discounts

contact: – 039 3393865162



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