Modern Tibetan Dances Course in ME

Modern Tibetan Dances
with Tsering Dolker and Topgyal Gontse

Dear All,

We kindly invite everybody to enjoy this great opportunity to learn or improve Modern Tibetan Dances skills during the course with Tsering Dolker and Topgyal Gontse.

Modern Tibetan Dances are of great importance – our Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu spends every evening with His students on this activity during every retreat. It is also a wonderful occasion to establish a deeper contact with Tibetan culture and its value.

Tsering Dolker and Topgyal Gontse, under the direction of Rinpoche, have choreographed many Tibetan contemporary dances, and travelled extensively to teach and perform Tibetan traditional and modern contemporary songs and dances. They are working at the Shang Shung Institute as instructors of Tibetan Folklore and Modern Contemporary songs and dances.



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