Mandarava Tsalung Retreat

with Nina Robinson

Kunselling, UK

24th October – 29th October 2014

We will also be incorporating chulen (voluntary!) into this retreat.

From Experiences of the Primordial State (quotations from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu):

“The practice of Mandarava is a path for having total realization and also relatively for having a longer life and prosperity. But the main point is to attain realization of the state of Mandarava. Mandarava is a totally realized being and so we follow this path.”

The Tsalung of Mandarava consists of special methods that work with our inner body: channels, energy and vital essences. Connected with the Longsal dream teachings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu on the Long Life Practice of the Dakini Mandarava, these methods use breathing and visualization to restore the harmony of body and mind and, with less dependance on coarse food, foster clarity and awareness. Other aspects of these methods are meant to develop the experience of pleasure and inner heat and, through these experiences, to be in the dimension of boundless wisdom devoid of any object.

“…The teaching is a great medicine… Our mind, practically speaking, has been ill since the beginning of Samsara. If we do not know how to cure the sickness of our mind, it’s useless just to cure physical illnesses… Chülen is for reinforcing and coordinating all three fundamental aspects of our existence. In the Dzogchen teachings it is considered important to at least do the most simple form of Chüdlen because it is a great help in the development of clarity. The Sogthig breathing is related to the main practice of Mandarava. It is the most important of the breathing practices. Sogthig means something like the very essence of the life force. [Sog means vitality; thig is the short form of thigle]. So it means it is one of the most essential breathing practices.”

Anyone who has received transmission of the Long Life practice of the Dakini Mandarava from our precious Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, is welcome to attend.


There is considerable interest in this retreat, so if you are thinking of coming please do register as described below, as soon as possible.

Those interested in participating should send a (non-refundable) deposit of £30 either via (a direct link to paypal will be available on our website shortly).

Or by cheque made payable to ‘Dzogchen Community UK’ and sent to: Peter White, LCHC, 2B Bartlow Road, Linton, Cambridge, UK, CB21 4LY.

The deposit is non-refundable and reserves your place on the retreat. However we ask that you please pay the full balance remaining no later than 1st October.

After you register we will send you the full information about how the retreat will go ahead.

Full Retreat Costs (inclusive of accommodation and food):

Ordinary                              £220 ( A=£60, F=£45, T=£115)
Kunselling Package            £210  ( A=£50, F=45, T=£115)
Reduced Member               £177  ( A=£60, F=£45, T=£72)
Reduced Kunselling Pkge   £167  (A=50, F=£45, T=£72)
Sustaining Member             £114  ( A=£40, F=£45, T=£29)
Meritorious                          £70    ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£0)

Camping rates (limited places available):

Ordinary                              £185 ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£115)
Kunselling Package            £175  ( A=£15, F=45, T=£115)
Reduced Member               £142  ( A=£25, F=£45, T=£72)
Reduced Kunselling Pkge  £132  (A=15, F=£45, T=£72)
Sustaining Member             £89    ( A=£15, F=£45, T=£29)
Meritorious                          £45    ( A=£0, F=£45, T=£0)

The balance can be paid by ( direct link on our website shortly), or by UK cheque payable to ‘Dzogchen Community UK’ and sent to the address above. Again please make sure to pay the balance by 1st October.


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