Mandarava retreat in Atlanta

Mandarava retreat in Atlanta, GA, USA
With Annalen Gall
November 2nd to 4th
We are very happy to announce that Annalen Gall will lead Mandarava retreat in Atlanta , GA. During the retreat she will give the explanations of the long and short practice, including mudras and correct use of bell and vajra.
In order to participate in the retreat you need to have received the lung of Mandarava practice from Rinpoche. You can receive it at the end of each retreat, also transmitted live via webcast. Listening to a recording doesn’t count.
Annalen is a long-time student of Rinpoche’s and an official instructor of the Mandarava Practice.
As soon as we get final details regarding cost and schedule we will send it to you.
In the meantime, consider registering for the retreat as the space is very limited.
To register
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