Mandarava and Vajra Dance practice retreat at Kunselling, UK

Mandarava and Vajra Dance Practice Retreat
with Cindy Faulkner
(authorised Vajra Dance Instructor)

Dates: Monday 22nd – Sat 27th June

The Vajra dance and Mandarava practice form part of the Longsal teachings of Chogyal Namkai Norbu and are also connected to each other.

In this retreat, we will combine these practices to realise the Vajra nature of our 3 existences.

The retreat programme begins on the morning ofMonday 22nd June so please arrive on the Sunday.

Retreat schedule

Monday – Thursday June 22nd-25th

6.30-7h Mandarava essential practice with Sogthig

7.15-8.45h Yantra Yoga

(7-9.30h breakfast and meal preparation)

9.30-10.30h Dance of the Song of the Vajra Tun

10.30-12h Mandarava long practice

(12-13h meal preparation. lunch)

15.30-17h Mandarava & Tsalung practice.

17-18h Dance of the Song of the Vajra Tun


On Friday June 26th we will have a Ganapuja at the end of the morning session.

On Saturday June 27th the schedule will be as before and we will finish the retreat at lunchtime.

Chudlen pills will be available to buy for those who wish. We will follow a light, mainly vegetarian diet.

You are not obliged to come to every session, however it would be best to attend for the length of the retreat if possible.

Please note that this is a practice retreat for those already acquainted with the practices. Cindy will lead the practice and give some revision if needed, but she will not give teachings on Mandarava, nor the transmission – both of which you have to receive from our Master prior to attending the retreat.

Price for the accommodation and food:

Ordinary members & UK Reduced members – A: £48, F: £42 = £90
Sustaining members & Kunselling package – A: £30, F: £42 = £72
Meritorious members: – A: £0, F: £42 = £42
Camping – A: £30, F: £42 = £72

Please register with by June 12th.

Payments to be made on the website at: Kunselling Mandarava and Vajra Dance Retreat

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