Mανταράβα Retreat στο Ν.Μεξικό

Annalen Gall from Amsterdam has accepted our request to instruct a six day Mandarava course in Santa Fe, NM, 24 October through 29 October culminating with the full moon. 

The Practice of Mandarava is a Long Life practice. This means it can help to enhance your life, to coordinate and balance your energy and to increase your clarity.
You need to have received the Lung from Rinpoche if you want to do this retreat. Rinpoche always gives the Lung of this practice at the end of each retreat, also via webcast.

Annalen is a long-time student of Rinpoche’s and an official instructor of the Mandarava Practice.

Day One ~ Wednesday ~ 24 October

10:00 ~ Noon
Explanation of the practice
Practice the Tun together
2:30 ~ 4:30
Explanation of melodies, bell, mudras, and damaru
Practice of the Long Tun together
6:30 ~ 9:00
Short explantion of Mandarava ganapuja
Mandarava Ganapuja together for Guru Rinpoche Day
Day Two ~ Thursday ~ 25 October
10:00 ~ Noon
Explanation and practice of chudlen practice and sogtig breathing
Explanation and practice the short Tun together
2:30 ~ 4:30
Practice of melodies, bell, mudras, and damaru
Practice the long tun together
6:30 ~ 9:00
Explanation of the short tun and sogtig breathing, or practicing long tun together
Day Three ~ Friday ~ 26 October
10:00 ~ Noon
Practice short tun with sogtig breathing and chudlen
2:30 ~ 4:30
Explanation and practice of medium tun and breathing
6:30 ~ 9:00
Practicing the long tun together
Day Four ~ Saturday ~ 27 October
Overview (especially for those who were not able to be there during the week ~ we all benefit)
9:30 ~ Noon
Explanation of the short tun, chudlen practice, and breathing
2:30 ~ 4:30
Explanation and practice of the long tun together
6:30 ~ 9:00
Explanation of melodies, bell, mudras, and damaru
Day Five ~ Sunday ~ 28 October
4:30 ~ 6:00
Sunrise long tun Mandarava practice including sogthig breathing together
6:00 ~ 8:30
Relax together and prepare for Breakfast Mandarava ganapuja
10:30 ~ Noon
Mandarava ganapuja
3:30 ~ 6:00
Practice of short, medium, or long tun ~ according to circumstances
questions, clarifications, complete work on namka and dadar
Meet at restaurant for shared dinner together
6:30 Monday,  ~ 29 October ~ Full Moon Ganapuja in Albuquerque at The Source 1111 Carlisle SE, Albuquerque, NM
Full retreat $375
One day or any part of a day $75
50% off  for Reduced membership
20% off for Ordinary membership
80% off for Sustaining membership
100% off for Meritorious membership
Wednesday and Thursday ~ 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM:  Cerro Gordo Temple 1404 Cerro Gordo, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wednesday and Thursday ~ 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM: Aldea at 17 Plaza Nueva, Aldea Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico
All Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Cerro Gordo Temple 1404 Cerro Gordo, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Make checks payable to: Dzogchen Community of New Mexico, and sent to c/o William Bainbridge, 3400 Painted Rock Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120
To register, please contact Janet Mason at: janetmason@swcp.com
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