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support the Shang Shung Institute UK Tibetan Language Project.
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We’ll Hang your Lungtas in Pharping, Nepal for Losar

Support the development of our Tibetan Language e-Learning Platform

Help us to maintain the language, culture and traditions of Tibet by hanging Lungtas (Prayer Flags) in the sacred place of Pharping for Tibetan New Year: Your flags will hung for you in Pharping, harmonising your life element with the element of the year, bringing you good fortune and blessings.

Price: 5 euros per Lungta Set (One set is consists of  5 flags. It is customary to hang the number of Lungta corresponding to your age)

By Purchasing Lungtas, you are Supporting the Shang Shung Institute UK Tibetan Language Project
Language is the very basis of a culture. Today Tibetan culture is under threat, including the language itself, due to state educational policies and young Tibetan’s being forced to opt for studying more commercially viable languages. The vast literary tradition, constituting the very heart of Tibetan culture is neglected, but is essential for preserving the Tibetan people’s identity for the benefit of future generations. The thousands of Tibetan Buddhist texts, many of which are yet to be translated, also represent a valuable spiritual treasure for the rest of the world.

Please help the Shang Shung Institute UK preserve the Tibetan language by setting up a new & comprehensive, online literary resource together with an ongoing program of Tibetan language courses led by Dr. Fabian Sanders, Professor of Tibetan Language and Culture at the Universita` Ca` Foscari in Venice and Academic Director of Shang Shung UK. This initiative will also help promote the Shang Shung translation program, where texts are translated by groups of scholars, enabling Westerners to access the wealth of ancient Tibetan knowledge. You will also be able to access the online platform and learn some Tibetan!


Buy your lungtas now and help Tibetan Language flourish!


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