Local version of the song Dzamling Gar

Dear family:

As recently they saw in Dzamling Gar is preparing a “global” version of the song Dzamling Gar, who would like to include the “global” participation, ie instrumental contributions or voice either solo or choral, practitioners worldwide .

In the city of Cordoba, while Gabriel Braceras had done a version with some changes in harmony, and has offered to make “our” version of the song Dzamling Gar, enriching it with Andean instruments, drums, vocals, and our creativity can out of the galley in the minimum time left.

Those interested in participating with his voice, either soloists or choirs, go to the link and listen carefully to the pronunciation of the Master to learn it properly.


Those interested in making a contribution instrumental or percussion, using the foundation provided here, which is what has made Gabriel. Cheer up! It will be fun!!

They can also use the link to be learning to dance to this song, because it surely will stay repeatedly during the Master !!!

Please write to any musical doubt Gabriel togabrielbraceras@yahoo.com.ar organization or doubtrickysued@gmail.com or marisa.alonso@gmail.com .

In the link http://tashigarsur.org/cancion-de-dzamling-gar/ , you will find files to download from the local version of the song.

Those who want to participate, on Saturday October 31 at 17:00 we will find in the home of Ricky Sued in Tashigar Mandala, to experiment with different instruments. You are invited!

Gabriel, Ricky and Marisa

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