Kumbhaka course in Ukraine (Kharkov)

Dear Vajra brothers and sisters!
A kumbhaka course with the second level instructor Zhenya Rud will take place in Kharkov Dzogchen Community (Ukraine) from 5th to 11th of May.
Obtaining and consolidation of kumbhaka experience combined with the training of the mind beyond thoughts (7th Lochjong) and with mahasidha Humkara’s secret breathing method (3d group pranayama) during this course is a perfect background for tsalung practices.
5th of May 18.30 registration
5th – 8th of May  19.00 – 22.00 intensive course
9th – 11th of May  14.30 – 20.00 practical retreat
Address: 40/3 Lenin’s Avenue, Kharkov, Ukraine. This is a building of “KharkovProject” Institute. It is in 5 minutes from subway staition «Botanichniy sad», GPS coordinates 50.022777,36.22518
Registration by e-mail:
Offering for the course:
55 EUR (or 760 UAH) – ordinary members
35 EUR (or 475 UAH) – reduced members
30 EUR (or 380 UAH) – sustaining members
ultra-sustaining members for free.

+38 096 753 12 21 Roma Denysenko

+38 097 903 13 90 Anya Malkush

+38 095 875 6979  Sergey Samilo


Best regards,
Kharkov Dzogchen Community
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