Ka-Ter, Tibetan Language Training

In 2013 it will the 11th anniversary of the Ka-Ter Translation Project.
As being the project manager of the Ka-Ter Translation Project I am pleased to inform you about coming Tibetan Language Training held at Merigar West in summer 2013.
Everybody who is qualified is welcome to participate in these wonderful occasion to gain more information and insight of the meaning and value of Tibetan language.
Very best wishes,
Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
Project manager of the Ka-Ter Translation Project


Ka-Ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
11th Training for Translators from Tibetan
August 10th – September 4th 2013
Tibetan is a sacred language and the sheer beauty of the Dharma is mirrored by the clarity and imaginative creativity of the Tibetan language. For this and many other reasons the study of Tibetan language represents a crucial step towards a closer relation with the Teachings.
To give the possibility to the practitioners of the Dzogchen Community to study Tibetan language, the Tibetan Language Trainings have become a major aspect and task of the Ka-Ter Translation Project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria for already more than one decade.
The Tibetan Language Training focuses on the classical Tibetan language and is divided into two levels: Intermediate and advanced.
A course for beginners course will be taught separately in a more compact fashion, the dates are yet to be defined.
1. Intermediate level
The Intermediate level is intended for students who have already assimilated to a certain degree the Tibetan grammar and are able to start translating.
They receive relatively simple texts and can analyze the text and formulate translations, individually or in groups.
Their work is checked and corrected in group sessions and everyone may ask the tutor for clarifications. The purpose is to familiarize with texts, grammatical structures, and syntax in their actual context.
Course fee: € 85.00
Food and accommodation are not included in the course fee. All participants are requested to individually book their stay in the area of Merigar, and are advised to do so early
2. Advanced level
Advanced level students translate in groups with the tutor and focus on all aspects of the language as well as translating theories and techniques. They will read and translate straightforwardly one sentence each, the text is more complex both grammatically and in terms of content. The aim is to produce refined translations ready to be published.

Course fee: € 45.00
Food and accommodation are not included in the course fee. All participants are requested to individually book their stay in the area of Merigar, and are advised to do so early
Dr. Fabian Sanders
After studying for more than twenty-five years the languages and cultures of China, India and Tibet in both academic and traditional ways Fabian teaches Tibetan Language and Culture at the Universita` Ca` Foscari in Venice. He has also been teaching language and translation courses for the International Shang Shung Institute for many years.Place
Like in the last years the courses or trainings of the Ka-Ter Tibetan Language Project will take place at the Shang Shung Institute Merigar, Italy.Requirements
In order to be able to participate in Tibetan Language Training one
As the Ka-ter Translation Project is managed and financed by the Austrian branch of the Shang Shung Institute, all participants have to be at least an ORDINARY MEMBER of the Shang Shung Institute Austria in 2013.
The membership-fee and the course-fee have to be sent to the Shang Shung Institute Austria latest until the end of July 2013.
Everybody needs to register first. Without registration and a valid membership we cannot accept students wishing to participate.
You can register and get your membership here: http://www.ssi-austria.at/shop/shopframee.php
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