International Dzogchen Community on CID Unesco World Congress in Dance Research

Dear Vajra brothers and sisters,

We would like to share with you some latest news from Russia. From 31th October till 3rd November 36th World Congress in Dance Research organized by CID Unesco took place in St.Petersburg.


As CID member, International Dzogchen Community was invited to participate in this event and present Vajra Dance and Tibetan Modern Dances.


Our programme was the following:


1. October, 31 – lecture “Tibetan modern dances. The values of the profound and ancient Tibetan culture as base of evolution in our modern world” prepared by Adriana Dal Borgo and presented by Lyolya Matveichenkova.


2. November, 1 – lecture “Vajra dance as a dance therapy” prepared and presented by Uliana Sokolova, Vajra Dance instructor of 2nd level.


3. November,1 – Vajra Dance master class with Uliana Sokolova.


4. November, 3 – Tibetan Modern Dances and Vajra Dance performance on Gala Concert.


The participants of Vajra Dance presentation were mostly from St. Petersburg and the participants of Tibetan Dances performance came from Moscow.


Everything went very good. Lots of people were interested, they asked questions and just felt joy with us.


We wrote a letter to Rinpoche and Adriana, with photos and video. And here is a little quote from Adriana’s response:


“I saw pictures and the video, together with Rinpoche.

Master is very happy and is now showing your performance around, as example of how we should continue. He likes very much the way how you went from one dance to another, timing of group was also really good and shows the armory of a collective work.”


As for us, we are very happy for having a chance to present Dzogchen Community on the international level and endlessly grateful to Rinpoche and Adriana for their unboundless dedication that brings so much joy and gives us opportunity to collaborate and do something good and useful for Dzogchen Community all together.

Also we would like to say thank you to Rinchenling and Sangyeling for support in all aspects.


Here you can find the video with Tibetan Dances performance:


Also there are two photos attached.


With love,

Dancers team.

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