MERIGAR – FROM 20 TO July 26, 2014

Reasons for organizational, this course will be held in English only. We hope in the future we will be Able to organize Yoga Vacations in Inglese as well.

Dear all,

approaching the regular appointment with the Yoga holidays, a great opportunity to relax and take a quantum leap in the level of personal practice.

Yantra Yoga is practiced for physical fitness, to develop proper breathing and have more awareness of the level of energy, and to train mindfulness. The Yantra is a complete method because it acts simultaneously on three levels of our existence becoming an indispensable vehicle for the development of experiences. For this reason, the Master specifically in the text indicates the root of the Santi Maha Sangha as a fundamental practice:

“The basis of the course is to study, meditate and experience in a perfect way …. Through tantra, the lung and the upadesha of Total Perfection and Yantra Yoga.”

Moreover, the knowledge of the basis of the Yantra is particularly useful for practicing effectively the seventh logjong and Tsalung of Mandarava.

Holidays Yoga consists of a week of daily practice with the expert guidance of Laura Evangelisti for the class of the level of detail and Tiziana Gottardi for basic. Every morning there will be a session of meditation with Fabio Maria Risolo with particular attention to the practices contained in the first part of The Precious Vase.

A week’s holiday in the beautiful setting of Merigar to share with friends or with your family: children aged 6 to 12 years can enjoy guided experiences from Caesar Torricelli. Every morning the children will also experience the Yanta Yoga Kumar and Kumari “… achieve the goal of Yantra Yoga, which is to maintain good health and ensure a perfect growth, balancing the functions of the five elements and other aspects.” (Chogyal Namkhai Norbu )

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