Guru Dragphur practice 24 hours

gdragThe original Guru Dragphur practice chain project was born in Australia and later on organized by the Community in Peru and today we have the opportunity to continue it as part of the project called Practicing Together.

Therefore, let’s join our energies from all over the Planet where a Dzogchen practitioner lives so to be able to keep the Guru Dragphur mantra acting for 24 hours non-stop.

The practice will start on the 14th September at 0:00h. GMT+0 and will finish at 24:00 h. GMT+0. 

Click here to check equivalent time in your time zone.

Do you want to participate?


1. Register by filling the following questionnaire (click here)
2. Each practitioner -or group- will do a SHORT TUN, which should last 1 hour. In order not to break the chain, it is necessary to start 15 minutes before the established starting time and do dedications AFTER the 1 hour mantra practice.

May this practice fill all the space and disolve all obstacles into emptiness.

Long life to the Master!


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