Guru Dragphur 24 hours

Guru Dragpur

Dear Vajra Family,

Many times we feel powerless to know the terrible events that occur day by day on our planet, so many conflicts, so much injustice and senseless deaths. We know of several terrible situations that are occurring but there are many others that do not even come through information channels.

Fortunately, we are practitioners and through our practice we can be active and take responsibility for what is happening around us. So let us practice together in order to pacify the energies and the clashes that arise from so much confusion.

With our trust and belief, the power of our practice can be extremely helpful for the benefit of our planet and all beings that inhabit it. Let us increase our capacity by shaking the world for 24 hours with the action of the powerful mantra of Guru Dragphur.

The practice will start on January 29th at 0:00 h and will finish at 24:00 h  GMT+0  Click here to check equivalent time in your time zone (

Attention: check well your registration must be in GMT+0, time zone  London.

Do you want to participate?

1. Register by filling the following questionnaire,

2. Each practitioner -or group- will do a SHORT TUN, which should last 1 hour. In order not to break the chain, it is necessary to start 15 minutes before the established starting time and do dedications AFTER the 1 hour mantra practice.

Another option is to integrate one hour of recitation in your SHORT or MEDIUM GANAPUJA. Check well your time in order not to break the chain.

May this practice fill all the space and disolve all obstacles into emptiness.


Long life to the Master!

The Team

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