Gomadevi Short Tun

gomadevi-vExplanation and practice of the Tun Short Guru Jñanadhâkini Gomadevi 


Led by Enzo Terzano

2 and 3 February 2013
The eighth session Saturday at 10.00

1. Guru Yoga
2. Introduction to the practice of Guru Jñanadhâkini Gomadevi: the lineage.
3. Basic explanation of Tun Brief Gomadevi.
4. You run the Tun Brief Gomadevi.

Session II Saturday at 16.00

1. Guru Yoga
2. The display of Gomadevi.
3. Preliminary. Refuge and Bodhicitta.
4. Views and melody Action Corps.
5. You run the Tun Brief Gomadevi.

Session III Sunday at 10.00

1. Guru Yoga
2. Views and melody of the Voice of Action.
3. The Action of the Mind of the Guru Jñanadhâkini Gomadevi.
4. Dedication and improvement of the dedication.
5. Ganapuja.

Session IV Sunday at 15.00

1. Guru Yoga
2. The mudra without the use of ritual instruments and ritual instruments: the damaru, the bell and Vajra.
3. Questions on all aspects of the practice mantra, mudra and visualization.
4. You run the Tun Brief Gomadevi.


Requirements: You have received the initiation of Gomadevi or Jñanadhakini, or have received the transmission of the Mantra of Essence (also via webcast). The course is also open to those who do not know the Vajra Dance and intending to Gomadevi. If there is a Mandala could be combined with the Song of the Vajra Dance performed once, twice or three times depending on the circumstances and the number of participants.

The cost of the retreat will be 70 euro plus 10 euro card.
The retreat will take place in Florence at the nursery Malcantone in Via del Malcantone 15 (gate gray) target phone 3480007363.
For more information you can also call at 3474950010 preferably in the evening.
For Ganapuja Sunday please bring possibly, in addition to the usual offerings of food, even just a plate and a glass.

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