Chöd Retreat – Czech Republic

Dear vajrafamily all over the world,

we are very happy to invite all of you for the very precious occasion

Chöd Retreat

with Nina Robinson, 

which will take place on October 24 – 28 in Phendeling, Czech Republic.

You can register right now on the link bellow where you can also find all the additional information:

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu taught Chöd during the very first retreat he led in Italy, in Subiaco, in 1976. For many years Chöd was part of our evening practice in all retreats.

Rinpoche has received and practised many versions of Chöd from different lineages, some short and simple and others longer and more complicated, but he often says that the very succinct version he taught us from the beginning doesn’t lack anything. That’s why we always do it that way. 

The various versions of Chöd passed down through different lineages all originated from Majig Labdron, an 11th Century yogini. The Chöd came from her experiences and knowledge deriving from the essence of the all the teachings she received.  

We all fear something. Majig Labdron discovered and taught this method to overcome fear. 

Rinpoche said:

When we ask for protection or think we need it we are afraid, we have fear. You know in the Dzogchen practice we integrate everything. When we integrate with movement, movement is no longer a problem. In the same way if we integrate with the spirits, if we integrate with the feeling of fear there are no more problems. 

Majig Labdron discovered that and used that method in the Chöd. Briefly that is the principle of Chöd.

Majig Labdron said:  

It is better to offer one’s body and say, ‘Take it away, and enjoy it’, one time than to ask for protection a hundred times.


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