Breathe & Yantra Yoga Lungsang Course – Shanghai

Open Combination Course of Breathe and Yantra Yoga Lungsang


By Fabio Andrico in Jampalling Shanghai ·China

15th – 18th October: 09:30 – 12:00 | 14:00 – 15:30


This is a very unique course combined with Breathe teaching and Yantra Yoga Lungsang teaching. With the rich experience of both personal practices and teaching, Fabio Andrico’s course will benefit not only those who wants to have an understanding of complete breathe as fundamental yoga base, but also for those  who wants to learn and clarify the experiences of 8 movement of  Lungsang  in the preliminary  practice  of  Yantra Yoga system .


PRICE: 1000 RMB (open course, no off price )


LOCATION: ZHEN DA ROAD 298, Lucky center, Shanghai


ACCOMMODATION: please book hotel rooms on line, and contact us for the help if needed.


REGISTRATION: please contact

Felix with email or QQ 857841675

Pule with email or QQ 375234648

Registration will be ended by Sep.15th,2015



Paypal: (Please be aware there is a 4% paypal fee and once payment is done please contact the responsible  person attached with screen record).

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