Birthday of our beloved Master

Global Vajra Dance and Khalong Dorjeikar practice schedule!

Dear Sangha of the Dzogchen Community,

***On the 8th of December we celebrate the Birthday of our beloved Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.***

On this occasion we connect with Transmission and practice globally together the Dance of the Vajra integrating with
Long Life practice of Mandarava.

at 8:00 am [gmt+0] tenerife time (10 πμ ώρα Ελλάδος)

Συνδεθείτε εδώ ζωντανά !!


As Rinpoche was mentioning in previous retreats
when doing practice together same moment, singing for example the Song of Vajra
it has effect also globally and can help for World Peace and our evolution.
This year we also integrate with the Dance of Khalong Dorjeikar!
There is a crucial update in the movement for us and it will be welcome….
***  In the initial position, our Feet do NOT point inwards but are more
parallel standing,
relaxed way, easy way,
similar like we normally do in the Vajra Dance! ***
That is all.
Still you can find detailed video explanation in the restricted File section on the
Webcast website, integrating with this update information.
As well we propose to do a global Vajra Dance retreat together
on the from all the world kind off anticipated dates of the 21-23 December 2012.
 (In the next issue of THE MIRROR the dates are still 20-22 December,
but we decided to shift it to the weekend starting Friday – Sunday)
Vajra Dance Instructors in collaboration with the Gakyils help to coordinate and
organize our group practices where possible.
According to our circumstances and Knowledge of one or all of the Vajra Dances,
we can organize group practices together and who is not able to meet with other
Vajra Brothers and Sisters on a Mandala 
can join as well wherever you are, integrating in the total Symbol and Sound of A with the
Dance of Khalong Dorjeikar and integrating singing the Song of Vajra.
We propose at least 3 specific times where, if possible with our circumstances,
we join together in group practice: 
10 am – 3 pm – 9 pm  (local time of Rome)
we could ALL TOGETHER connect in Transmission with
the Dance of Khalong Dorjeikar repeating it 12 Times,
followed by integration of either dancing and singing the Song of Vajra and Empowering
our state and dedication with the  Empowering Mantra at the end.
Again please note, we also can participate in the absence of a Mandala,
meeting together in someone’s Space etc.
It seems also scientifically established that when a group of people are meditating
or experiencing something together
at a same moment, it is noticed in the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
For our personal interest and also possibility to join the
monthly World Meditation Day and hour a link:
***May our practice and global connection with Transmission benefit all sentient beings ***

by Prima Mai

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