Beginners Yantra Yoga at Kripalu

with Fabio Andrico to teach Beginners Yantra Yoga at Kripalu October 20-25, 2013

Five Days of Yantra Yoga: Finding the Perfect Rhythm of Life

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For all levels.

Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest recorded systems of yoga in the world. Coming to us by way of Tibet, Yantra Yoga is a unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing, that helps to coordinate and harmonize the body’s energy so the mind can find its authentic balance. It’s a superb method for attaining optimal health and relaxation through breath and movement.

Discover the essence of this potent and transformative practice with senior Yantra Yoga instructor Fabio Andrico, who introduces these essential exercises:

  • The Vairocana Position
  • Tsigjong (Loosening the Joints)
  • The Nine Purification Breathings
  • Lungsang (Purifying the Prana)
  • Tsadul (Controlling the Energy Channels)
  • The First Series of Yantras
  • The Pranayama of Rhythmic Breathing
  • The Vajra Wave: Overcoming Energy Obstacles.

Immerse yourself in techniques that can reshape, transform, and deepen the effect of your practice by enhancing the quality of your subtle energies.

Note This five-day course adds two series of movements to the weekend program that took place last spring: Tsigjong and the First Series of Yantras, plus a more in-depth training of natural, harmonious breathing. Fabio Andrico gives extended instruction on all the material covered, and directly helps students deepen and expand their knowledge and experience. This extended program gives students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this unique tradition.

CE Credits
This program is eligible for
  • 23.5 credits for Athletic Trainers (BOC), $20 additional charge
  • 23.5 credits for Yoga Alliance (YA), $20 additional charge


fabio-Fabio Andrico is an internationally recognized expert on the unique tradition of Tibetan yoga known as Yantra Yoga, from the lineage of the renowned Tibetan translator and Dzogchen master Vairocana. He studied directly under the great Tibetan cultural scholar and Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, who learned this potent and transformative form of yoga from his uncle, yogi Togden Ugyen Tenzin. Fabio is both a hatha yoga and Yantra Yoga instructor, as well as an authorized trainer of Yantra Yoga teachers. Born and raised in Italy, he teaches Yantra Yoga internationally to groups of up to 700 participants in venues on six continents.

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