7th Lojong with Oliver Leick

in Phendelng: http://bit.ly/1a40Iot

The 7th Lojong is the last part of the “Seven Special Mind Trainings” as explained in the Teachings of Dzogchen, the “Innermost Essence” or Dzogchen Nyingthig, belonging to the Man ngag or Upadesha series. The 7th training is a very special one and can only be found in the Dzogchen Teachings. It is called “Training the mind by means of meditative stability of the state beyond thought”.

“Whoever practices these seven trainings will easily succeed, first of all to enter the deep and swift path of Atiyoga, then to put into practice without difficulty its fundamental points, and finally to integrate his or her mind with the teachings. Because of the qualities and special functions of these seven trainings, all Atiyoga teachers in recent times usher beginners into the Ati teachings through their practice.” Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, The Precious Vase, Instructions on the Base of Santi Maha Sangha

“Training the mind by means of meditative stability in the state beyond thought is a supreme method in order to start on the path of contemplation”. Jigmed Lingpa in “The Stairway to Liberation”

Oliver leick_In this course Oliver Leick will briefly explain the first six mind trainings, and will then explain how to practice the 7th Lojong. The course is restricted to people who have received the transmission of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and are actual members of the Dzogchen Community.

When: 31. 1. – 2. 2. 2014

Where: Phendeling



Friday 31.1.14

19:00-20:30: “An introduction to the Seventh Lojong,”

Saturday 1.2.14

10:00-12:30 Seventh Lojong session 16:00-18:30 Seventh Lojong session Sunday 2.2.14

10:00-13:00 Seventh Lojong session 14:00 Short Ganapuja

Accomodation: nearby pensions or Phendeling´s gonpa or dormitory, in that case take your sleeping bag and mat! The price for one night is 4EUR in gonpa, 5 EUR in dormitory and 3 EUR outside .

The price of retreat: 43EUR for reduced, 52EUR for ordinary and 17EUR for sustaining members. You can pay in EURO.

Registration:  http://bit.ly/1a40Iot

Contact person: Dana Hauerova: +42 736 286 486; danahauerova@gmail.com Magdalena Ourecka:+42 603 920 967, yellow@dzogchen.cz Ales Slama: +42 739 572 934; red@dzogchen.cz



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