108 Vajra Dances retreat

in Dejamling, place of Infinite Beatitude.
3rd of July – 2nd of August
We start this international orientated Vajra Dance retreat on the anniversairy of Kyentse Yeshe Namkhai, the 3rd of July,
an international Vajra Dance day.
On that day we can wear the Vajra Dance costume.
We’re all invited to come and participate to dance the Dance of the Vajra during the retreat.
During the retreat also other possibilities are offered to integrate, in Dance, Life and all!
So we dance:
before, in or after the hours of a course, around any activity in Dejamling, around a webcasts, around the anniversairy of the Masters,
around the world Transmission day of the Guru Yoga of Guru Padmasambhava, from our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.
Come and meet, dance with your fellow practitioners,
come with your Ling, your Gar,
dance with your brothers and sisters of Vajra,  in the Dzogchen Mandala.
Also dancing alone, in presence of hundreds of thousands of Dakinis,  is possible,
in the early, early or late, late hours of this month retreat.

 *If a course is going on on the Mandala : we’ll be dancing before or after the hours of the course.
General overview of the activities during the 108 Vajra Dances retreat:
3rd July: opening of the retreat with International Vajra Dance day, Anniversairy of Kyentse Yeshe Namkhai
4th – 10th of July: ALL are invited to come and see/listen the Webcast of the Yeshe Khandro Thugthig from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
5th – 10th of July: a deepening course of  Dance of the Song of the Vajra with Stoffelina Verdonk
11th – 20th of July: concentrated Vajra Dance retreat, all 3  Vajra Dances.

21th July – 2nd of August: continuation of Vajra Dance retreat,  combined, on the different days, with Yantra Yoga, Karma yoga, webcast teaching of Dark Garuda and the Woldwide Transmission of Guru Padmasambhava’s anniversairy.
2nd of August : Final Ganapuja of retreat, with extensive Gardien practice.
Dejamling is in the south of France, simple Dzogchen Community place in nature of the  “hilly mountains of Cevennes”, 
but strong place for discovering all our Master teachings.
Possibility to also do Dark retreat, Longde practice, and other practices in our specific retreat cabans, “the little” house.
A little canyon for diving, swimming in cold fresh water, is not so far from our Ling. If we go together by car( 13 minutes).
It is a beautifull place for walks, or just have siesta in a hamac, under the dejamling trees.

the Vajra Dance retreat :  donation 
Vajra Dance in depth course: 210 euro with the usual reduction for members.
Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance : donation 

8 euro’s per night/person, children for free
5 euro’s camping

Organisation for meals:
communicated after inscription

Inscriptions (especially for housing) and information : dejamlingfr@gmail.com

You are most welcome in Dejamling!! 
Hope to see you soon!

Heartly greetings from the French Gakyil
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